Massachusetts WWII Weekend

World War II reenactment involving simulated combat operations with infantry and tanks.

Massachusetts World War II Weekend was held at the Orange Municipal Airport, in Orange, Massachusetts in May 2016.

LIFE magazines and posters from WWII displaying the living history of a U.S. soldier’s life as well as back on the home front.

The World War II reenactment was a historical reenactment involving American, British, French, Italian and German combatants involved in World War II. These types of events included living history and simulated combat. World War II reenactment is the historical reenactment of various combatants and events during World War II. This event included a living history of a soldier’s life for both Allied and Axis soldiers as well as on the home front. They even had a WWII USO dance in the evening for the event participants. The living history portion of the event emphasizes the garrison life of the average serviceman or servicewoman, and tactical events, involving simulated combat operations with infantry and tank units. The reenactment hobby has expanded significantly since the 1970s and is now practiced around the world.



FMG Explored Gallery of Massachusetts WWII Weekend

Massachusetts Military History Exposition
645 S Main Street
Orange, Massachusetts 01364

N 42° 33′ 39.5″ W 72° 17′ 37.7″


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