Inspired Art—Retro Style Travel Posters

The Work Projects Administration (WPA) was created in 1935 as part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, it was a federal agency to provide work to unemployed people. The Federal Art Project (FAP) was formed as a part of the WPA to employ artists. The primary goals of FAP were to promote American art and artists; increase art education, especially for children; and research the history of American art and design; FAP subsidiaries were eventually formed in each state. It employed artists who produced thousands of bold, brightly colored, astutely modern posters for their time. These WPA posters promoted health; encouraged vacationing in America; advertised art exhibits, concerts, and plays; and rallied America during World War II.

The Following My GPS Discover America Art Project is reminiscent of the WPA style of art from the 1930s “See America” and National Park posters produced for the United States Travel Bureau’s Federal Art Project (FAP) which commissioned artist-created posters to promote domestic travel. The FMG posters are created with my original photographs to promote travel destinations and locations throughout America. New FMG posters are periodically added as a reminder to See America Again.